QUAFF Mug Press Machine

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Item Code: ST001331
Condition: New

The QUAFF Mug Press Machine is a heat press machine that allows to to have a faster production time. This mug printing heat press machine is designed with an adjustable holder that holds your mugs securely as you press and a manual-held lever to allow maximum user control. Easy-to-use and perfect for large-volume production, this is heat press distributes even heat and pressure  and is ideal for v shaped mugs that fits its similarly shaped molds, and an automatic digital timer that ensures  that you get to press accurately!

• Press Handle - tough material handle cover, more comfortable and easy to press
• Digital Controller - intelligent screen touch controller, accurate time & temperature reading
• Aluminum Heating Plate - teflon coated aluminum heat plate, more even heating and smoothier surface
• Pressure Knob - tough material knob, easy to adjust the pressure

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