CUYI Cutter Plotter MK630 24 Inches Red

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A cutting plotter works like a plotter, except that it moves a knife instead of a pen. The depth of the blade is adjusted to the material. Cutting plotters are very easy to use. Basically one has to load a vector drawing into the machine code generator (which also can include a drawing tool).


• Model Number: MK630

• Brand Name: CUYI

• Voltage: AC110V /220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

• Cache Capacity: 64MB memory

• Paper Feed Width: 730mm

• Cutter Pressure: 50-500g(digital adjustment)

• Cutting Width: 630mm

• Cutting Speed: 650mm/s

• Driver: High speed stepping motor, micro-step driver

• Cutting Length: Vinyl’s Length

• Size: 1045*330*375mm

• Interface: USB / Serial port


With laser sensor (contour function)

High force to cut reflective film

Real high speed 128MB memory

High precision steel roller: guaranteed 5m without deviation of paper feeding

Low noise: ultra-quiet design

Plug-ins for other software

Accurate laser printer

Stable performance, long time durable

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