QUAFF 3 IN 1 Puncher Warrior

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Item Code: ST001754
Condition: New

This 3in1 Puncher has a centering guide that adjusts in 1/8 inch, durable punch heads, and scrap bin. Can punch cardstock, chipboard, photo, ID cards, restaurant POS cards, etc. Compact, desktop model with comfortable handle. Easy and quick knob. Adjustable by hand for 3 kinds of functions with a precise paper punch.


• Slot Punch: approx. 9/16 x 1/8" slotted hole for ID card attachments & will punch thicker cards

• Hole Punch: 1/4 inch diameter hole punches up to 18 sheets of paper

• Round Corner: Cutter to remove sharp corners from plastic and paper cards 3.5mm radius (approx 1/8")

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